Bioprospecting and Research Expert

Country: Fiji
Language: EN
Number: 4398004
Publication date: 22-09-2017
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)


Bioprospecting and Research Expert
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : UNDP Pacific - FIJI
Deadline : 06-Oct-17
Posted on : 21-Sep-17
Development Area : CONSULTANTS
Reference Number : 41120
Link to Atlas Project :
00070676 - FJ National Biodiversity Planning for CDB 2011 -2020
Documents :
Terms of Reference
Template for Confirmation of Interest and Submission of Financial Proposal
P11 ICs
Overview :

Scope of work/Expected Output

The technical expert will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

 Strategic Report on Bioprospecting in Fiji – with a focus on the recommended therapeutic focus and long term requirements of Bioprospecting at IAS.

 Develop and update a database with information on all samples collect through ABS Project as well as past 15 years. This should contain information on collections, taxonomy, bioactivity testing, chemical work, and where samples have been sent and be designed to easily generate reports to stakeholders.

 Provide recommendation on at least four awareness raising materials for ABS /Bioprospecting. The purpose of these awareness raising material is to help community members and citizens understand and appreciate linkages with biodiversity and community livelihoods. This could include posters, animated graphics and short videos for social media (e.g. 30 seconds to 2 minutes)

 Overall Project Management of the Drug Discovery activities of this grant.

 Effectively manage the Drug Discovery Component 1 budget of this grant to ensure the achievement of all scientific milestones under revised component 1 outputs.

 Identify, engage and manage international collaborators to fill the technological gaps required for the research outputs in component 1.

 Ensure regular meetings of the Drug Discovery Project Team and produce minutes of these meetings with identified Action Items and Responsibilities ensure Action Items are completed in a timely fashion.

 Provide monthly Narrative Progress Reports to the DoE and UNDP and Quarterly Financial and Narrative Drug Discovery Update reports to the Project Board.

 Identify, recruit and oversee training requirements and supervision of Project Staff required for the Drug Discovery Project Team.

 Coordinate with the MTA on the identification of sample collection Sites and assist IAS Environment Unit and other potential collaborators to develop Natural Resource Management Plans for Sites where biological samples will be collected.

 Mentoring of Sample Supply scientists involved in the Project to ensure the development and proper storage/maintenance of a Marine Natural Product library of at least 2000 extracts for Screening.

 Mentoring of Natural Product chemists involved in the Project, identify and implement procedures to increase the efficiency in which pure active metabolites are isolated and identified from crude natural product extracts. Ensure the delivery of 10 identified active compounds during the Project.

 Overall supervision for the collection and analysis of marine samples. This will include the supervision of students/researchers implementing aspects of projects;

 Provide weekly email updates to the Ministry of Environment as well as monthly and Quarterly reports. Promote networks and collaboration for Project with stakeholders including other tertiary institutions and regional agencies.

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